Museum Grade Protective Giclee Finish

A clear water based liquid coating to enhance the durability and increase the lifespan of printed images. ArchivaCoat can be rolled on or sprayed directly onto the surface.

  • Diluted water based coating increases durability of images
  • Proves higher color densities and greater color gamut
  • Excellent color brilliance and image definition
  • Resistant to water, can be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Can be stretched without cracking

* Lifespan claim based upon results of light stability ananlysis for ArchivaCoat tested on Epson Museum Smooth Fine Art Paper in Atlas HPUV.

** Gloss level of the finished product will vary depending on surface texture of the media selected, application technique and amount of coating applied.

ArchivaCoat Matte OPVM

Target Range
Active Concentration 35% 34 – 36%
Viscosity 400 250 – 550
Gloss (@ 60°) Applied to 1448 3
Increased Life Span of Image by up to 18%

ArchivaCoat Satin OPVS

Target Range
Active Concentration 36% 35 – 37%
Viscosity 150 100 – 300
Gloss (@ 60°) Applied to 1448 8
Increased Life Span of Image by up to 58%

ArchivaCoat Gloss OPVG

Target Range
Active Concentration 37% 36 – 38%
Viscosity 150 100 – 300
Gloss (@ 60°) Applied to 1448  16
Increased Life Span of Image by up to 25%

Available Sizes & Coverage Rate

Coverage Rate Available Sizes
Typical coverage is 450 Sq Ft/Gallon. For optimal results a second light coating of ArchicaCoat can be applied. Typical two pass coverage rate is 250 Sq Ft/Gallon 1 Pint
1 Gallon
55 Gallon Drum
264 Gallon Tote

Recommended Storage Conditions

Temperature: 72°F ± 5°F (22°C ± 3°C); Relative Humidity: 35 – 65%; unused portion to original packaging when not in use; Shelf Life: 1 Year under recommended storage conditions

ArchivaCoat™ Suggested Use & Application Process

Please Note: The following reflects the suggested method of applying ArchivaCoat Coatings by Permalite, Inc. (Permalite). Permalite does not warranty or guarantee that the following suggested application method will result in your desired outcome. ArchivaCoat performance and actual print stability will vary according to media, printed image, display conditions, light intensity and atmospheric conditions.
 archiv_1s Step 1: Pour Coating directly in the center of your print, a puddle roughly the size of your image.
 archiv_2s Step 2: Use a foam roller to push the puddle of coating across your entire print. Push in as many directions as possible to ensure the coating works through all the weaves in your canvas. Double check you haven’t missed any spots.

Allow 2 – 3 minutes for the coating to settle

 archiv_3s Step 3: Once an even texture is reached and there are NO bubbles, set your print aside and allow 20 – 30 minutes to dry.

Note: Any imperfections you see in your print will still be there when the print is dry.